Rosario Tijeras
  • Rosario

Rosario TijerasRosario: raw passion and courageous search for love .

Despite insinuations of violence, this film reconciles us with Medellín, scene of loves, hurts, ruins and new dawns.

Rosario lives in a plush neighborhood and goes out to discotheques. Affection is the one need pending in her life. In childhood it was an unknown to her; now as a woman she confuses it with passion.

Director Emilio Maille came and looked at Medellin with new and unbiased eyes, and this is how he reveals it to us. The effect is noticeable. There are no prejudices or excesses.

When it comes to portraying violence in the city in 1989, Maille is respectful and prefers a hint rather than to bear witness. He must be given credit for not lying while staging this reality.

Back to Rosario, a woman full of life and passion that dared to demand respect and search for love (ways of obtaining it aside). The Director offers us a nonlinear narrative, where it becomes pertinent to attend to details like Flora's lips, for example, her nail color, or the style of her wardrobe.

I interpret these non-linear episodes as a way of letting the spectator know that he/she finds himself/herself in the same situation as Emilio: not knowing anything about Rosario. The woman who seduces him and does the same with the audience is a stranger. In this manner, the episodes viewed in a non-chronological order are the form Maille proposes to construct the character of Rosario.

To know her motivations, her profound sentiments, her unresolved anger as well as her secret desires to know love.

The panoramic images of Medellin are moving and surprising: a majestic gift as the city is viewed from the air. Not to mention shots of the skyline used as transitions. After Rosario, one feels like looking at the sky to decipher its portents.

Rosario's lips or Flora's are another figure in the film. Through them, luscious, meaty, passionate red, pale, hurt or quiet, it is possible to glimpse at the moods of a woman who prefers silence to giving explanations.

It is showing at Colombo Americano, Cine Centro, Dux, Terminal, El Tesoro, Junin, Monterrey, Carrefour, Unicentro and Vizcaya.